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Whisky Haig Club

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Discontinued Product
Haig Club whiskey is Scotch whisky created in collaboration with David Beckham and Simon Fuller with Diageo. Produced in the oldest grain whiskey distillery in Scotland, Cameronbridge, Fife.

Haig Club whiskey has an amber color, and aroma on the nose discovers notes sugar and vanilla, honey and dried tropical fruits with pepper and soft oak. The palate shows hints of caramel, coconut and toffee that make it a very soft, so fantastic ice as part of a cocktail flavor.

Chris Clark, the master blender Haig Club, says Haig Club whiskey, Single Grain "is a fresh whiskey, which include tropical fruits and soft candy, with surprising spicy harmonies in the end."

Haig Club whiskey comes in a blue glass bottle, produced by House of Haig, inspired by the master blenders once used glasses of blue glass to taste the whiskey being fixed only in its aroma and flavor, and not in sight.

 Haig Club whiskey has won the 2015 silver medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition.

Alcohol content 40% Vol.
Capacity 70cl bottle.

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