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5 / 5
I cannot rate this bottle as I have yet to try it but others rate it highly. I was attracted by the fact the label is owned by the Montecristo Cigar brand & it is limited in you will see it is also intriguingly named after the main character in the classic novel by Alexandre Dumas - "The Count of Monte Cristo". I am not sure of the relevance of this however.
Robert H. el 14/12/2020 a las 11h40
5 / 5
Amazing Rum! Very tasty, drier than the average Rum from Cuba and more complex flavours. Pairs excellently with a fine cigar.
David K. el 28/11/2020 a las 12h16
5 / 5
A delicious, rich and complex rum..and extremely hard to find...
Eric B. el 12/3/2020 a las 00h17