Is it safe to buy in Smartbites?
    Yes, it is a completely safe purchase.

Each and every payment method available in SmartBites is a secure system:

If you choose to use your electronic card, Smartbites has a payment gateway dependant on the Banco Santander which is completely secure. This payment gateway acts as an intermediary between your bank and Banco Santander. Smatbites does not store card data. On the contrary, the bank simply lets us know whether the payment has been made.

Moreover, our payment gateway is based on two secure e-commerce protocols: Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

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In the event of choosing a bank transfer, you will be provided with our account number at the end of the process where you can make the transfer. This option is as secure as every common transfer. Please make sure to include your order number so we could easily locate the payment.

Should you decide to make your purchase via PayPal, this payment platform itself ensures security and it only lets us know us whether that payment has been made. As a result of this, your credit card data will remain secure.