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Afuega'l Pitu Rey Silo Blanco : 300 gr

(Code: Q0000124)
Discontinued Product

Origin: Asturias
milk of raw and whole cow

Rey Silo is the only afuega'l pitu that there is in the market elaborated as it did in the past, with raw and whole milk. With the best milk of Asturias, supplied by the grazier Tino Fernández, the master quesero Ernesto Wood López elaborates one to one Rey Silo. With mimo goes fine-tuning them and leaving them mature in silence and with patience in the subterranean cellar of the quesería, situated to less than one hundred metres of the river Nalón, what confers him a temperature and an ideal humidity for a cheese of cuajada láctica like the afuega'l pitu Rey Silo.

A know do and a flavour that bases in the respect to the traditional procedures and to the quality of the prime matter. After the transformation of the milk of cow in the cuajada láctica, the moldeo and desmoldeo of the cool cheeses, begins the fine-tuned of Rey Silo with the salty by frotamiento of each cheese, for this uses glasses of salt of the French region of The Camarga that favour the apparition in the skin of the mold Geotricum (commonly called Skin of Toad), the mold with which begins the process of fine-tuned, first in the room of dried initial, and later in the subterranean cellar, a slow maduration in which they take part later other molds like the peniciliums and when the cheese already has more than four months, begin to appear the grey molds and blacks that confer him to the paste a slightly spicy flavour.


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