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Ardbeg Kelpie

(Code: WEL00792)
196.02 €
Discontinued Product
Ardbeg Kelpie is a limited edition whisky with very few bottles, which went on sale in June 2017 to celebrate Ardbeg Day. You can get one of these bottles here.

On this occasion the whiskey Ardbeg Kelpie, Islay malt, pays tribute to its name to sea monsters in the form of algae, legendary beings that come from the depths of the ocean.

Ardbeg Kelpie has been matured in bourbon barrels. "Ardbeg Kelpie has notes of peat, black chocolate and smoked fish," said Ardbeg Kelpie. There are also algae and herbaceous notes, along with hints of pine, caramel and black olives. "

The Ardbeg Distillery is located in the Islay region of Scotland. The distillery is located near the town of Port Ellen a place that stands out above all for the production of a whisky style rich in peat and coastal. Every year at the end of May, in Islay celebrate Feis Ile, a music festival and, of course, whisky.

Coinciding with this date, some distilleries of the place launch limited editions, is the case of Ardbeg, that every year surprises us with one of its expected creations in Ardbeg Day. This year 2017 was the turn of Ardbeg Kelpie.

Content: 70cl. Graduation: 46.0%

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