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Brandy de Jerez Carlos I Imperial, Solera Gran Reserva

(Code: B0000487)
Discontinued Product
Brandy of Jerez Carlos I Imperial, Solera Gran Reserva of Jerez. Produced to base of holandas selected and distilled to a maximum alcoholic graduation of 70% vol. Said holandas proceed, to his time, of wines that have been subjected to an exhaustive control of previous quality to his distillation in alquitaras of production discontínua and in columns of distillation contínua. This brandy ages during more than 15 years in barricas of American oak of 500 litres of capacity that have been previously envinadas during years with wine of Jerez. The aging carries out by the system of add and by the traditional system of criaderas and soleras, obtaining like this the typical characteristics of this brandy.

Of colour intense amber to brilliant mahogany. His aroma is fine and elegant, rich in nuances of long aging in wood, ethereal and clean. In the mouth is full, very balanced, soft, intense and persistent. Graduation: 40 % Vol. Volume: 70 cl.

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