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Brandy de Jerez Carlos I, Solera Gran Reserva

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Brandy of Jerez Carlos I, Solera Gran Reserva of Jerez, obtained from holandas of low graduation (65º), after the special distillation in alquitaras of wines selected, healthy and balanced. His process of preparation and aging, characterises by a special and accurate assembling of the distinct holandas that form part of his composition and by the use in his añejamiento of boots of American oak previously envinadas with wines of Jerez Amontillados and Olorosos following the traditional dynamic system of aging of Criaderas and Soleras.

Colour intense amber with golden reflections. To the nose, brandy of big aromatic intensity, very balanced, with notes of good distilled and enriched by notes of vainilla, tobacco and confectionery. In the mouth, wide, deep, persistent, and balanced, with feelings retRumasales frank. Solera Big Reserves Graduation: 38 % Vol. Volume: 70 cl.

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