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Cambozola : 2,2 kg

(Code: Q0000050)
Discontinued Product

cheese of table and for canapés
Origin: Germany

The Cambozola is a German cheese (called originariamente Bavaria Blu). It does with the same blue mold Penicillium roqueforti used to do the gorgonzola, the roquefort, and the stilton. It adds him to the born milk what gives a rich consistency to the cambozola. The skin of the cheese is similar to the one of the Winembert. The paste is soft, but compact, of soft consistency and homogénea, and with a colour levemente yellowish. Cambozola Has a characteristic flavour that results softer that the gorgonzola or the Winembert. The name of the cheese seems to have been an acRumym of Winembert and gorgonzola, since his flavour combines the rich and humid cremosidad of Winembert with the acidity of the gorgonzola blue. It takes like cheese of table or for canapés.

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