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Casín : 200 gr

(Code: Q0000055)
Discontinued Product
Origin: Case, Asturias

The cheese Casín is a type of cheese that elaborates artesanalmente in the concejo of Case and in lower measure in the one of Sobrescobio, in the Principado of Asturias. To elaborate this cheese, originariamente used milk of Asturian cow of the mountain or Casina but, by escasear the cows of this race at present, use of the Asturian of the valleys and Frisona.

The cheese Casín is of complex and prolonged preparation, does from milk of cow. The tradition forces to give him the definite form to the cheese manually, without mould, marking it in the upper face with a coin wooden, with which each artisan prints his personal stamp.

Is a cheese with a big content graso. The aroma is Strong and powerful. It has a Strong and spicy taste, persistent and slightly bitter at the end of mouth, dificil for palates no habituados. It presents a yellow colour cremoso, with whitish tonalities and without skin.

Referred to this cheese there is a curious legend that explains that after the battle of Covadonga between the Christians and the Muslims, the casinos gave to Don Pelayo a so big cheese that to be able to transport it had to use a car of the country and that so much liked him to the king this cheese that conceded nobility to all the inhabitants of the concejo.

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