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Gin Ginabelle

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Ginabelle Geneva is a unique handcrafted product made from the distillate Mirabelle Fruit and albariño wine in the family distillery in Galicia Pazo de Valdomiño (Tomino), with nine separate and later joined a blend distillations end with spring water coming from the Sierra de Argallo. Each botanical is distilled individually to achieve the right balance of flavor.

Mirabelle is combined with gin and other local products: the Albariño grape. In this case, the distillation is performed from the lees produced after alcoholic fermentation of the wine.

These two specific ingredients of this Galician gin are added five other distillates. The primary, juniper berries, essential for the resulting beverage may be considered gin. The remaining four are licorice and lemon and two elements that have a very local flavor: the cilantro and gorse flower that adds notes of cocoa and honeysuckle.

Alcohol content 40% vol. and the capacity of the bottle is 70cl.

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