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Mimolette Extra Vieja, 18 meses : 2 kg

(Code: Q0000094)
Discontinued Product

table of mixed cheeses, like rough alternative to the softest cheeses. ralla Without difficulty and can use in the kitchen
Origin: Lille, France

The Mimolette is a cheese of milk of cow produced traditionally in the city of Lille in the north of France (where is known also like Boule of Lille), and in some areas of Belgium and Low Countries (where is known like vieux Hollande).

This type of cheese commercialises with distinct degrees of maduration that go from the two months to the two years. In this case the Mimolette extra old is matured 18 months, which turns it into a reference for the lovers of the mimolettes of long maduration.

When it is young his skin is flexible, but with the age turns into harder. The skin is smooth in the young cheeses, but with the maduration increases and forms some cracks in whose inner proliferate the acaruses of the cheese, responsible of his characteristic appearance polvoriento. The paste dyes of a dark orange colour, that comes of the colorante natural achiote, added during the process of preparation. The texture is firm and breaks almost like a candy. Of Strong flavour and acid, to citruses and almonds toasted.

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