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Orujo Cream Lúa

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A sweet finish of Orujo Cream is never missing in all Galician after-meals. The Lúa pomace cream, from Viña Costeira, is a good example.

The evocation of the Galician Lúa in which families gathered around the fire at night brings us closer to the Lúa liqueurs, made by hand with pomace from Galicia according to the ancient traditions passed down between generations.

The sweetest combination. This cream liqueur is made with a base of Galician dairy cream, sugar, vanilla, cocoa, caramel and our best pomace, which gives it its unique personality.

Delicate and creamy aroma with notes of pastry, vanilla, cocoa, butter and caramel; it can remind us of the taste of a toffee caramel. It is the perfect liquor to drink with desserts or even alone.

The brandy used has been made from native Galician grapes, mainly Treixadura.

It is recommended to serve at 6ºC. "Crema de Orujo Lúa"

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