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Tequila 1942 Don Julio

(Code: LMT005088)
Discontinued Product
Don Julio 1924 tequila is an ultra-premium tequila made with 100% blue agave from Mexico.

The aging of Don Julio 1924 tequila is 2 years and 6 months in oak barrels. As a curiosity, with just 6 more months of aging it would go up in category. But since Don Julio they found the optimal state at 2 and a half years. Prioritizing the quality and the own style before the denominations.

Don Julio 1924 Tequila Tasting Note

In sight, it is a brilliant golden hue. On the nose rich and sweet aromas of caramel, with a fresh fragrance of vanilla and traces of red fruits such as cherries, in combination with caramel and almonds. Chocolate hues with cinnamon and a light touch of wood. Its silky and smooth character on the palate covers the palate with a flavor of cooked agave and vanilla, with hints of tropical fruits and spices to create a wonderful and unique experience when drinking this tequila.

Don Julio tequila is presented in spectacular packaging from its 70cl bottle. 

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