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Tokaji Oremus Eszencia

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When he tasted it, Louis XIV proclaimed Tokaj "the wine of the king and the king of wines". The Tokaj legend has grown and grown in its four-hundred years of history; but it was not until 1630 that the greatness of the Oremus vineyard was first spoken of. Today it is the one which receives greatest universal acclaim.

The Tokaj region, Tokaj-Hegyalja lies within the range of mountains in north-east Hungary. The village of Tolcsva and the Oremus winery are located at the geographical heart of said region.

A product of the Oremus terroir, Oremus Nectar, stands out amongst all the Aszú wines. It is an incredibly rich drink, peerless in the world. It has a low alcohol content (1 to 3%), given that not all the sugar concentrated in it reaches fermentation, and it is not at all unusual to find 500 grams or more residual sugar per litre.

The Aszú berries are picked individually. We should not forget that each picker will pick between 5 and 10 kg of grapes a day. The berries are left to settle for 15 to 20 days at the Oremus winemaking building and they are gradually added to until grape-picking comes to an end. During this time, the slight pressure exerted by the weight of the berries themselves causes extraction of the juice they contain.

The must is then transferred to 50-litre glass containers and left to ferment very slowly. After 2 years it is transferred to 68-litre "átalag" barrels, where it will continue to refine. Finally it is bottle-aged in a journey that can even last decades.

Eszencia is Tokaj's nectar and the soul of the Oremus wines. Pure concentration and intensity, sublime, and definitely an experience not to be forgotten. It is the wine of the gods.

Alcohol by volume 3%
Sugar 518,9 g/l
Acidity 16.7 g/l
Variety Furmint and Hárslevelű
Average age of vineyard 12 years
Vineyard surface area 82 ha
Planting density 5,660 plants/ha
Altitude 200 m
Yield 14 bottles/ha
Harvest Hand-picked. Aszú berries are selected one-by-one in the vineyard

At this moment we have avalible 2006 and 1999 vintage, about 2006 year: 
It was a hard winter with January temperatures below -17ºC. Both budding and flowering occurred later than a normal year. August was cold with some rainfall, and from September improved weather contributed to perfect ripening. Autumn was warm and dry, meaning that the Aszú berries were more raisined than botrytized compared to other years. Great quality and very good acidity.

Tokaji Oremus Eszcencia is ready for drinking now but may potentially be stored for around 60 years if kept in optimum conditions (12-14 ºC) at 40% relative humidity, at a constant temperature.

Optimum drinking temperature is 12-14 ºC.

There are only 810 bottles of Tojai Oremus Eszcencia 2006.  375 ml. /bottle

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