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5 Jotas Acorn-Fed Pure Iberian Ham, Jabugo, whole piece

(Code: ISH00001)
620.00 €
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The 5 Jotas ham is a gastronomic Jewel.

The ganadería Sánchez Romero Carvajal has received crowd of prizes recognising his quality and prestige all over the world. The 5 Jotas ham is one of their best hams.

The 5 Jotas ham possesses a persistent aroma, and a flavour and bouquet incomparable. Black hoof and fine cane. His cut has a uniform colour with multiple brilliants veto of fat infiltrated.

Weigh approximated of the piece: 7-7,5 kg.

The 5 Jotas ham is elaborated with the rear extremities of the Iberian pig reared in extensive in the pastures of the Iberian Peninsula and fed with acorns during the period of Montanera.
In his process of preparation is cooled and cut in V, recessed of bacon of deposit external, salty, wash, balanced, dried and cured in natural Cellars.
After a rigorous selection between the pieces of ham of acorn that cure in cellar, choose to label like ´5J` only those that gather in degree add all the exquisite qualities organolépticas that characterise to these pieces of quality inigualable.

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