Our Background
Smartbites opened its doors in April 2012 with all the enthusiasm and excitement. Our main aim is to share sweet moments together, especially those best enjoyed on a full stomach.

Smartbites sprang up as a connecting platform between supplier and customer, increasing the available choice of goods for the discerning palate.

We appeal to good food and great wine lovers keen to get the best price. Those who do not want to miss out on the pleasures of the highest-quality Gastronomy.

Our values are:
  • To offer a very large collection. Variety.
  • To provide every home with hard-to-find premium products.
  • To offer appropriate prices.

One of our basic standards is to get a good price for these delicious products so that they are affordable to suit every budget.

In order to achieve this goal, we minimize the cost on the basis of two principles:
  • Reduction of intermediaries.
  • Reduced shipment costs.
Therefore, your purchase goes directly from our suppliers to your home address. If you make a large purchase, your order is likely to arrive in different packages, as each product may come from a distinct origin.

We are at the beginning of this journey and we hope to be improving day by day. Any idea, question, complaint or suggestion would be more than welcome... Cheers!