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Anchovy in olive oil Ortiz Serie Oro 60-75 450g

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45.00 €
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Discontinued Product
Canned anchovy in olive oil Ortiz Serie Oro 60-75 450g, spanish product.

Large anchovies with a fleshy and firm texture, packed in olive oil. Anchovy masters make fresh anchovies, obtaining compact meat and an intense flavor. Ideal for consumers with demanding palates.

The Anchovy, of the Engraulidae family, is a blue fish that in adulthood reaches 15 cm in length. The anchovy is a traveling fish, and throughout its life it travels thousands of kilometers in search of food. In Conservas Ortiz they fish for Cantabrian Anchovies, the highest quality.

Ortiz Serie Oro Anchovies spend at least 6 months maturing, once the desired level of maturity is reached, they are hand filleted, one by one, and packed in olive oil.

Once opened, to maintain their full flavor for up to five days, it is important to keep the Anchovies in the refrigerator, preferably covered and dipped in olive oil.

The Ortiz Serie Oro Anchovy canning can is a premium quality product with which you can enjoy and surprise your guests

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