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Ardbeg Dark Cove

(Code: WEL00791)
Discontinued Product
Ardbeg Dark Cove  is a limited edition whiskey with very few bottles, you get one of these exclusive bottles here at Smartbites!

The origin of Ardbeg is Islay region of Scotland.The distillery is located near the town of Port Ellen a place that stands out above all for its production of whiskey.

Every year in May, Islay Feis Ile celebrate a festival of music and, of course, whiskey. This is where Ardbeg celebrates its day, the ArdbegDay.

The special thing about this festival are limited editions that some distilleries launch site for the festival. Ardbeg is one of them, every year launched an exclusive edition in its ArdbegDay, and this year it is the turn of the limited edition of Ardbeg Dark Cove.

To know the reason for the name of this exclusive edition we must go back long ago when Ardbeg was a hideout for pirates, who used the caves and hidden beaches in the area to hide their illegal liquor.
The limited edition of Ardbeg Dark Cove wants to remember this dark past of Islay.


Ardbeg has a reddish color but is far from being the darkest of Ardbeg for example Uigeadail 2015 has a darker color.

The aroma of Ardbeg is rich in nuances, well balanced and nothing alcoholic.
First we find the lemon, salt, snuff, very clear, and the mob but are weaker than usual nuances and PX is above them. It brings notes of fruits like strawberry and orange and chocolate note some slight but always very sweet.

On the palate is where we can really find the difference between Dark Cove Ardbeg regarding other Ardberg, we can notice a very sweet tone.

And in the end, we find sweet peat, leaving sensation Ardbeg.

Content: 70cl. Graduation: 46.0%

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