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Azul de Hoja : 2,5 kg

(Code: Q0000028)
Discontinued Product

To spread and for sauces

Origin: Beaks of Europe

blue Cheese elaborated with milk of cow pasteurised. It is wrapped in paper imitating leaves of tree with which before wrapped this terrific Asturian cheese but that, by hygiene, left to use. It is an urban legend very widespread the one who the cheeses that present worms or larvae in his interior are the ones of better flavour, but the aparción of larvae in this cheese involves an error in the process of storage or of transport. Also it is false that this cheese cures covering it with estiércol.

The process of maduration carries out in the natural caves that there is in the Beaks of Europe. In these caves, the relative humidity is of 90% and the temperature oscillates between 8 and 12 °C. In these conditions develop in the cheese funguses of the type penicillium, what contributes him the zones and veto of blue colour-greenish.

The cheese hardly presents skin, since it has a surface of form untuosa and soft similar to the one of the interior. When it is mature has a green colour-bluish and the mass is cremosa, with a fortísimo smell. The cheese will be more or less yellow what elder was the quantity of milk of cow that has used, although generally it presents a rather white tone. It has a delicious flavour, cremoso, special to spread or for sauces.

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