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Brandy de Jerez Alma de Magno Gran Reserva, Solera Gran Reserva

(Code: B0000478)
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Brandy of Jerez Alma of Magno Gran Reserva, Solera Gran Reserva, origin: Jerez . 5 years of aging . Obtained from holandas, aguardientes of wines of low graduation (65º) that they are produced in cellars Osborne, whose destilería finds in Tomelloso (Ciudad Real), and after the destilacion in alquitaras of wines selected, healthy and balanced. His process of preparation and aging takes place in cellars Osborne S.To in the port of Santa Maria (Cádiz), and characterises by a special and accurate assembling of the distinct aguardientes.

Colour dark mahogany, with rivets slightly reddish, brilliant, transparent. Luminous. Brandy of big aromatic depth enriched by fine notes of nuts and an elegant wooden nuance of oak especiada and recuerdos of cacao toasted, licorice and vainilla. Soft palate and aterciopelado, wide and persistent. Very balanced. Slightly abocado.

Graduation: 36 %
Vol.: 70 cl.

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