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Brandy de Jerez Cardenal Mendoza Non Plus Ultra NPU, Gran Reserva

(Code: B0000520)
Discontinued Product

Avaliable one bottle of Cardenal Mendoza NPU edition 2009 and 2 bottles of Cardenal Mendoza NPU old edition.

Cardenal Mendoza Non Plus Ultra is born of a solera that Sánchez Romate reserved especially for the conmmemoración of of his bicentenario. A product inigualable by his quality and vejez. In 1887 it decides create a big brandy, strictly for the members of the family Sánchez Romate. The four original boots, in which Brandy went previously aged conserve like lovely jewels in the cellars of Sánchez Romate. With the course of the time, this brandy won fame by his softness and maturity, as well as by a delicate bouquet. Years afterwards, was launched to the market under the name "Cardenal Mendoza", in memory of D.Pedro González de Mendoza (1428-1495), son of the Marqués de Santillana and known like the Big Cardinal of Spain. Adviser of the Catholic Kings, that had a decisive intervention in the first trip of Cristóbal Columbus to America.


Colour mahogany very dark, shiny and excitante at the same time. His aroma, of límpida distinction and trace of dry raisins and plums, remits to the wine oloroso old. Dry and delicate to the palate, his temperate taste, persistent and very soft possesses nuances of walnut moscada and dry orange. An authentic privilege that treasures the history of the cellar in an exclusive presentation. Big Reserves Graduation: 45 % Vol. Volume: 70 cl.


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