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Cabrales Pedro Diaz Herrero DO : 2,3 kg

(Code: Q0000047)
Discontinued Product
Origin: Asturias
Elaborated from raw milk of cow, goat and sheep.
The Cheese of Cabrales is a natural cheese, elaborated with raw milk of cow or mezlando two or three classes of milk: cow, sheep and goat. In this case, the preparation is realised with a mix of raw milk of cow, of goat and sheep. All the milk employed in the preparation proceeds exclusively of ganaderías established in the zone of production and controlled by the Regulatory Council.

Once elaborated the cheese, raisin to natural caves in the mountain for his maduration between two and four months. In these caves, the relative humidity is of 90% and the temperature oscillates between 8º and 12º C. These conditions, favour the development of molds of the type penicillium in the cheese during the maduration, what contributes him the zones and veto of blue colour-greenish. The flavour is levemente spicy, more accused when it is elaborated with milk of goat and pure sheep or in mix.

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