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Caxigón Cabra : 300 gr

(Code: Q0000066)
Discontinued Product

tables of cheese and to combine with jam or honey.
Origin: Cabrales, Asturias

For the preparation of the cheese Caxigón, use milks of cow, goat and sheep, in this case milk of goat. The Caxigón is a cheese of white colour, of pasty consistency, of yellow and hard skin, of Strong smell. The interior or paste is of colour ivory with eyes. His content graso half is of 45% and presents in shape cylindrical of little size (300 gr.).

Is one of the few cheeses elaborated in Cabrales that is not blue cheese, for this reason, his creator received the Prize Excellence Gourmet to the innovation in the 2002, of the Confrerie of Friends of the Cheeses.

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