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Champagne Dom Perignon

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 Under the influence of Moët & Chandon, the viñedo of Champagne possesses from 1927 a Denomination of Origin, that turned into one of the first C in 1935. In the house of Champagne, produces the Champagne more famous and ancient of the world "Dom Perignon".

The popular belief is that Pierre Pérignon (Dom Pérignon) was the inventor or discoverer of the Champagne and the "second fermentation in bottle", Dom Pérignon did Monk Benedicto in the Monastery of Hautvilliers in the Champagna French. The incomes of this monastery Wine from of the production and sale of wines. Pérignon Was manager of the maintenance of the vineyards and of the production of wines. The big discovery was in reality the development of the cap (or cork) tied with wire and of bottles of thicknesses and able forms to bear the almost 3 atmospheres of pressure that there is in the interior of the bottles of the wines espumantes. 

The Champagne Don Perignon is elaborated with grapes Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.
Faithful to the ambition that housed Dom Pierre Perignon to finals of the 17th century, the Chef of dig Richard Geoffroy follows cultivating the exigencia of the exceptional. Dom Perignon  Has matured in cellar during seven years to achieve his more attained expression. Golden colour with greenish reflections. The first nose, cool, crystalline and firm, reveals an original universe, vegetal, aquatic, where mix the white pepper and the gardenia. The maturity of the wine offers then with softness and ligereza before we can feel his inflections of peat. The notes anisadas and of dry ginger glide on the skin of a fruit (the pear and the handle) more tactile that fleshy. The end of mouth pulls and sober, calm, mature, diffuse.
Maridaje: Risottos, white Meats, Desserts of fruits, Tempura, Pure acorn-fed iberian ham.

Has a graduation of  12.5%Vol. Volume 75cl.  Serve to 8-9ºC

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