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Fresco Cantagrullas : 300 gr

(Code: Q0000208)
Discontinued Product

Origin: Ramiro, Valladolid

With a delicate perfume to milk of sheep, this cool cheese of coagulation láctica does not fine-tune, being the alive bacteria in the moment of his degustación. Of light and delicate taste, acid with a point of dulzor, this light cheese uses in the kitchen to accompany fishes or meats, to elaborate cover or even desserts. It offers a versatilidad enormous.
Can taste it, equally, like appetizer before the foods, maridándolo with an espumoso or a white wine.
The farm Cantagrullas is a project that consists in a small quesería of familiar exploitation, that transforms the cheese of his sheep of Spanish race, autochthonous livestock protected, in a surprising cheese in all the senses. Handmade cheeses, elaborated with raw milk of sheep and with distinct fermentations. Only. Surprising.

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