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Gamoneu del Valle Mini : 500 gr

(Code: Q0000076)
Discontinued Product
Cheese slightly Smoked elaborated with milk of cow, sheep and goat
The cheese Gamoneu is a cheese graso, matured, slightly Smoked, elaborated with milk of cow, sheep and goat, of natural skin and with slight afloraciones of mold type penicilliun in the edges. The paste is hard or semidura and firm. It contains eyes of small size, delivered of irregular form.

Regarding the colour, is white or white-yellowish in his interior, with slight afloraciones verdeazuladas in the edges. In the skin his coloración is peculiar because of the Smoked, that confers him a colour siena toasted, that later during his stay in caves or cellars, Buys reddish tonalities, greenish and bluish, when populating of funguses.

Regarding the Flavour, soft predominance of smoke and a slightly spicy point. In mouth evolves mantecoso, with persistent aftertaste to hazelnut.

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