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La Peral Pequeño : 900 gr

(Code: Q0000089)
Discontinued Product

Medal of silver, International Cheese Awards 2011. Category Blue Cheese.

Eat spread on bread toasted or to realise all type of sauces. It fits to perfection with the cod and the pizzas

Origin: Asturias
milk of cow pricipalmente and a small quantity of born of sheep
Is elaborated by a family of queseros that finds in the concejo Asturian of Illas from 1923. Today day do it José Luis and Esther using the traditional systems artesanales and with milk of cow mainly, with a small quantity of born of sheep. It ferments two months in a natural cellar in the sótanos of the own quesería. In these two months goes them to him rotando so that they Buy one forms couple and the suitable maduration.

Has a compact and firm paste. It is semiduro but soft to the cut. Dotted of galleries in which it forms the blue mold. It has a yellowish white colour. When testing it melts delicadamente in the mouth, resulting intense and persistent, with a pleasant aftertaste salino. It is pasty and something spicy.

Laperal has been chosen to form part of the appetizer served in the nuptial banquet of the Principes of Asturias, will perceive that it is not a cheese of the but common. It treats of a wonderful cheese, impressive and one of the best cheeses of Spain.

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