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Pago de Carraovejas 2020, Ribera del Duero

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Pago de Carraovejas 2020 is the valley’s interpretation; the terroir’s maximum expression. From a perspective of balance and a fresh character, the wine appears to have volume while also being dynamic.

Well-rounded and vibrant. Floral nuances accompany the fruit in an elaboration marked by its elegance, intensity and structure.

Pago de Carraovejas 2020 is a red wine from Ribera del Duero

A wine that subtly conveys its origin and identity. The three varieties present on the estate have been used to produce Pago de Carraovejas 2020: 92% Tinto Fino, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon and 3% Merlot.

After very little rain in 2019, the 2020 vintage was marked by a winter of abundant rainfall. The vineyard managed to conserve its water reserve, which allowed the vineyard’s vegetative cycle to develop with excellent balance and homogeneity. Spontaneous and sown vegetative cover crops were used to control vigour.

There was a widespread bud break at the end of April, and no weather or health incidents were recorded. As there was no interference in the development and evolution of the buds, excellent yields were obtained in the vineyard, which were balanced thanks to the thinning technique. The harvest began on 14th September and ended on 10th October.

Pago de Carraovejas 2020 is the most honest reflection of the valley to which it owes its name. A vineyard that scales the surroundings, creating a unique landscape.

The plots are arranged between hillsides and moorland, reaching an altitude of 900 metres. The austere soils of tertiary geology combine limestone loams, clays and sandstones, providing the terroir with unique properties. These are lands that force the vines to make an effort to regulate themselves and give the best of themselves.

Its south and north-facing slopes, each with its own natural richness, form the profile of the Carraovejas valley.

The grapes of Pago de Carraovejas 2020 were harvested early in the morning after an initial selection of bunches in the vineyard. Afterwards, a double selection was made in the winery: clusters and berries. Gravity-flow winemaking allows for full respect for the raw material. During the fermentation process, hard lees indigenous to Carravejas estate were used.

The wine was refined in French and American oak barrels for 12 months. The whole process was marked by precision and care in every detail. Finally, it was clarified with natural egg white and bottled in the spring of 2022.
Pago de Carraovejas current image, was made by the Barcelona studio Xavier Bas Disseny.

Pago de Carraovejas is one of the red wines with the Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero, it is a sensational wine.

With Pago de Carraovejas on the table you will always impress your guests. Pago de Carraovejas 2017 has earned 93 Peñín points, 92 Suckling points, 91 Akin points.

Pago de Carraovejas is ideal with suckling pig and perfectly paired with cheese.

The Pago de Carraovejas, aged around 12 months in French and American oak barrels. Clarified with natural egg white.

We could talk about its purple-red appearance with iridescence of the same color. Great aromatic richness; red fruits, spices, dairy. It is round, with sweet tannins, persistent.

Download Pago de Carraovejas tasting notes here

Graduation: 15% Vol.
Volume: 75 cl

Serve at 16 ºC, after traveling, it is recommended that the wine rest 48 hours before arriving at the table.

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One of the best wines ever.
Mugur P.
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Fantastic wine.
Peter L.