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Peralzola Small : 900 gr

(Code: Q0000216)
Discontinued Product

Medal of Gold, World Cheese Awards 2011
Medal of Silver, World Cheese Awards 2010
Better Spanish cheeses 2011
Cincho of Silver 2010, VIII national contest and II international of cheeses, Castile and Leon

Eat spread on bread toasted or to realise all type of sauces. Perfecto to take alone or in a table of cheeses

Origin: Illas, Asturias

Elaborated with milk of Sheep and matured in natural cellar.

This cheese is a jewel for the lovers of the blue cheese. New cheese of the inconfundible Laperal, only in his gender.

The cheese Peralzola, is a blue cheese, 100% milk of sheep, what differentiates it of the rest of the blue cheeses, that are of cow or of goat.

His white colour ivory with veto blue form, together with his maduration, a rich group in flavours, smells and aromas that has like result a balanced cheese of excellent quality.

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