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Provolone Dulce : 5 kg

(Code: Q0000118)
Discontinued Product

The Provolone sweet is the most popular cheese south of Italy, where no lacking in any kitchen. It is a cheese of cow of "paste filata", like the Mozzarella, but in place to consume youngster, room with brine and hangs to dry. The result is a totally distinct cheese. It has the P European.

The Provolone young is soft and slightly especiado. In the oldest cheeses, the paste is of colour dark straw and can show cracks. His flavour is intense and especiado, possesses notes to grasses and a point of salt.

Young results ideal with other cheeses or in bocadillos, with tomatoes and raw onions. The oldest cheeses rallan easily and can incorporate to all type of dishes, like the "gnocchi to the cheese".

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