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Pure Iberian Acorn Ham 5 Flavors D.O. Extremadura, sliced

(Code: IMS00014)
Discontinued Product
Better ham of the world. Prize Espiga of Gold 2011

Consume preferably before: 3 months

Temperature conservation: In cold to 0-5 ºC

relative Humidity: 65-70%

Conditions of consumption: Before serving, heat the stock exchange with hot water during 1 minute, emplatar and leave reposar 2 minutes.

only Offer for the lovers of the ham. The Pure acorn-fed iberian ham is a product gourmet that self-evident his splendour through the different nuances organolépticos that emerge in his distinct courts. The distinct courts or zones of which composes an Iberian ham designate maza, against maza, babilla, tip and jarrete, and all and each one of them contribute to the degustación of a ham, nuances what enrich when they know appreciate. On the base of our Iberian pure ham of acorn denomination of origin, will deliver him cut manually by our master cutters, with more than 25 years of experience and packaging to the empty in sobres of 100 grams separately pertinent ham of the 5 flavours. Of a pig of race 100% Iberian guaranteeed and fed with acorn of montanera, cured of form artesanal with the airs of the it Saws of Montánchez (Extremadura) during more than three years and place to his disposal when our teacher jamonero determines that it is just right. Each on will go with the name of the part to which belongs of the ham.

Orna time selected the pure Pure acorn-fed iberian ham denomination of origin Dehesa of Extremadura and checked that the product is in optimum conditions to be cut, our master cutters it lonchean manually and pack it in sobres to the empty. The piece cut manually transforms in roughly 30 sobres of 100 grams indicating to the part that belongs of her.

The price corresponds to the loncheado of a whole piece of 7,5 kg. Of weight.

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