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Rum Cacique 500 Extra Añejo Gran Reserva

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Rum Cacique 500 Extra Añejo Gran Reserva of Venezuela Launched in 1992 by the 500 anniversary of the discovery of America. Also it knows him like Cacique Black Label. Cacique 500 is a rum totally artesanal done of molasses, distilled in alambiques of copper and aged during eight years in barricas of oak carefully selected. After the process of aging, the teacher destilador chooses of the final result only the best barricas for the Cacique 500. Cacique is the only rum that elaborates exclusively in the best cellar of the world, Selva. His inigualables climatological conditions (high temperatures by the day, drops at night and levels very high of humidity of until 90%) do of Inland revenue Saruro the ideal place for his production. Prime matters of high quality: the pure water of manantial and the cane of Venezuelan sugar, considered one of the best of the world by his wealth in natural sugars, thanks to the magic of the gradient: high temperatures by the day and drops at night, that contribute him an only flavour, intense and with body..

The colour of the rum is brown dark, with golden tones, of viscous appearance. In nose is soft, sweet, with nuances of chocolate, candy and butter. To continuation perceives the dark sugar, something of vainilla and a small wooden quantity of oak. Finally the smell of the alcohol remembers us that we are not saboreando a candy. His flavour initiates with a slight touch to tequila, soft bitterness, viscous, aterciopelado. Very sweet. Graduation: 40 % Vol. Volume: 70 cl.

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