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Rum Havana Añejo Especial

(Code: R0000649)
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Rum Havana Añejo Especial of Cuba, is a golden rum of first class, a mix of rums añejados during five years in ships of añejamiento, under the attentive look of the Teacher Rumero, Don José Navarro. Such as it suggests the name, treats of something special, a mix of rums añejos and youngsters whose result is a rum of golden tones, rich and warm. His character aúna the ligereza of the white rums and the robust aroma of the dark rums. "?It whispers the unseen secret of the best rums añejos dark." Don José Navarro, First Teacher Rumero.

Cautivador golden colour, brilliant and warm. Intense aroma, recuerdos of cane of sugar with light accents Smokeds and notes of honey, vainilla and cinnamon. Intense flavour with a permanent and round end. It keeps the ligereza characteristic of all the rums Havana Club. Graduation: 40 % Vol. Volume: 70 cl.

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