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Rum Seven Tiki

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Rum Seven Tiki of the Islands Fiji, Pacífico. As it explains a south legend of Pacífico, seven canoas tripuladas by brave warriors, crossed the ocean in search of unknown earths, finding the Islands Fiji. His only guides were seven Tikis, gods cut in the proa of each canoa. In his trip discovered the cane of azucar, that originió does more than 6000 years in these far earths. The gods taught to the people to elaborate the nectar of the sky and in gratitude, the navegantes called to the drink Seven Tiki. The first time that the spirit of the love, Buka Atua, tested the drink and launched a flare-up of fire on of the liquid to infect it of his power, the love, and like this elevated the drink to a mystic dimension. The legend finishes with the premonition that some day the men of Fiji will have to share his secret with far earths ... It has 91 points in the Guide Peñín

Seven Tiki has two characteristics related with his origin that turn it into only: the cane of sugar and the pure water. The cane of sugar milenaria of Fiji and the purity of his waters, create the ideal conditions for the preparation of a rum with the best prime matters. The result is Seven Tiki, an only dark rum, with character and of multiple nuances. Graduation: 40 % Vol. Volume: 70 cl.

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