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Rum The Kraken

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Origin: Islands Virgenes
The rum Kraken takes his name of the mythical marine beast that, explains the legend, amused sinking and murdering sailor in altamar. His colour a homage to the ink of the animal; his flavour a mix of 11 secret species.

This rum of The Virgin Islands and aged in barricas of oak between 12 to 14 months, presents mixed with thirteen exotic spices -between which stand out the cinnamon, the ginger and the nail- that compose his secret recipe. Besides, the design of the bottle that contains this rum is a reply of the bottles of Victorian rum, with two roast lateral and in colour dark black ?Inspired by the black of the mysterious ink with which, according to the legend, The Kraken covers to his prey.


Has a very soft flavour by what is ideal to drink only, also like a key ingredient in the traditional cocktails like The Kraken and a soda of tail.

An idea to experience interesting and new flavours, mixes the rum The Kraken with your energetic drink preferred.

The rum especiado black The Kraken Black Spiced Rum is a black rum mattered of the caribe that mixes with more than 11 secret spices. The rum takes his name of the mythical marine beast that says has caused estragos in the ships that transported rum along the history.

Black colour, challenging and fun, with an approach of mark very surprising able to cause one ?Perfect storm? In the category of rums.

The Kraken is a giant squid and the most fearsome of all the monstrous of the mar. This marine legend is a beast that lives until 3.000 feet underneath of the surface of the ocean and is known by his attacks to the ships. The legend explains that a ship, that transported a load of rum especiado black from the Caribbean to Norway, never arrived to his destination because it suffered one of the feared attacks of the Kraken. All the sailors were literally annihilated, to the equal that all the barrels of rum that contained the ship, except one, that was offered to the queen of Norway in shape of apologies by the stray load. Like this, this rum especiado that still gave off black ink of the attack was renowned like Kraken, in homage to the indisputable power of this beast and his strength. As they are used to to say the sailors: ?Not respecting to the Kraken is not respecting the sea?.

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