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Tequila Excellia Blanca

(Code: LMT005071)
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Excellia is a fusion of three regions and cultures differentiated. In the first place, the zone of Jalisco, in Mexico, of where obtain the pineapples of the blue agave that ferment and distill twice in alambiques of copper, following the handmade method  of the region. And afterwards, they join the French regions of Sauternes and Cognac, of where proceed the barricas Grand Cru Sauternes and the barrels of Cognac in that it realises the process of añejamiento. This technical scoop, awards to the tequila Excellia some notes of cata that confer him elegance, sophistication and softness.
Is medal of gold in San Francisco International World Spirits Competition 2011.

The  tequila Excellia Blanca has a complex flavour with a mix of aromas of spices, vainilla, fruit and scalp. The finishing is long  and presents  light notes of jazmín.

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