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The Macallan Thirties Whisky

(Code: WEL000019)
Discontinued Product

Only 2 units. Box of cardboard a bit damaged. 

Limited Edition of the destilería The Macallan, Scotland. It treats of the series Travel, in his version "Thirties". It treats of a recreation of the style of the years 30 of "The Macallan".

Single Malt
Graduation: 40 % Vol.
Volume: 50 cl

Come in a box of cardboard with three distinct sides each one with a half of transport. 

To re-create the style of the years 30, the destilería simplified the bottles of The Macallan of that period and combined the aroma with distillations more recent obtained of the most mature barrels.

Durante the decade of 1930, with the increase of the industrial activity that derived in the little offer of coal, The Macallan went back to dry the barley with burns it of peat. This, combined with the shortage of barricas of oak of jerez, had to to the civil war Spanish, gave place to a whisky that was "peat" and less spicy of what is nowadays Macallan.

Punctuation of Michael Jackson, Malt Whisky Companion 4th Edition 95/100

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