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Vega Sicilia Único 2009, Ribera del Duero

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Vega Sicilia Unico 2009. Fantastic red wine from Ribera del Duero.

Vega Sicilia Unico 2009 is elaborated with Tempranillo and Cabernet Suavignon grapes

98 Parker, 98 Suckling, 95 Wine Spectator. 

From the 1,000 hectares which make up the Vega Sicilia estate, 210 are used for wine growing, under 19 soil types divided into 57 plots with very specific characteristics. The influence of the Duero River’s flow and the passage of time have been vital in developing these soils.

40 of these hectares are used to produce Unico, whose aging of at least ten years (in barrel and bottle) is one of the world’s longest. 225-litre French and American oak barrels, new and used, 20,000-litre tanks. A long complex process, for a legendary wine.

Regaining Unico´s traditional cycle, Vega Sicilia once again release this year´s UNICO, ten years after its harvest. A generous, potent vintage providing an expressive, profound, rich wine.

2009 Vineyard cycle

Winter was particularly cold with almost daily frost and minimum temperatures as low as -14ºC. The last frost was registered on April 23rd but the vineyard did not bud until the following week. During springtime, temperature difference between day and night of nearly 20ºC was registered, what resulted in a slower vegetative development than normal.

This, plus a very dry winter and spring, lead to a particularly healthy year in terms of fungus.High morning temperatures and low night temperatures, at the beginning of summer, favored the cycle to recuperate and veraison took place near August 13th, like an average year. During maturity, other incidents of such temperature differences occurred, benefitting the accumulation of aromas and colors in the grapes.

Harvest started September 23rd and ended October 3rd highlighting the great sanity and complete maturation of the harvest.

Vega Sicilia Unico 2009 wine is ready to drink now holding a potential ageing window of approximately 40-60 years if kept in ideal conditions: constant temperature of 12-14 ºC and 60% relative humidity Optimum drinking temperature is 18 ºC.

General information of Vega Sicilia Unico 2009 wine

Bottles produced: 74,274 Bordeaux bottles, 3,390 Magnum, 209 Double Magnum and 22 Imperial.
Bottled date: June 2015
Alcohol by volume - 14 %
Variety - 94% Tinto Fino and 6% Cabernet-Sauvignon
Average age of vineyard - 35 years
Vineyard surface area - 210 ha
Planting density - 2,222 plants/ha
Altitude - 700 m
Yield - 3,600 kg/ha
Harvest - Hand-picked in 12 kg cases

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