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Vellón de Fuentesaúco Añejo DO Zamorano: 2,9 Kg

(Code: Q0000554)
Discontinued Product

Denomination of Origin Cheese Zamorano

 Manufactured of way artesanal with raw milk of sheep .Natural skin colour pardo, and pleita very marked and clear-cut, bathed in oil of olive during the maduration. The paste is firm and compact, of colour yellowish ivory, being able to present eyes of small size, delivered niformemente by all the cut. It has some aromas and genuine flavours, own of the raw milk of sheep, very developed and persistent to the palate. Can appreciate characteristic smell gustativas in which they appear us remember to milk of sheep, butter baked, nuts, etc. because of the traditional system of pastoreo and to his long maduration.Curing: more than 12 months .

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