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Tokaji Oremus Late Harvest

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Tokaji Oremus Late Harvest is one of the Vega Sicilia winery 

Tokaj Oremus Late Harvest is produced using a coupage of different varieties. These include the Furmint, whose acidity creates the perfect balance with the sweetness, while the Hárslevelű adds mellowness and a silky texture. The Kövérszőlő and Zéta increase the mellowness and fruitiness, along with the strength of the wine. And then there is the golden Sárga Muskotály that rounds out the nose of the wine.

Bunches are needed for this wine where at least half the grapes are Aszú noble berries, in other words, where there is a significant degree of noble rot.

The late harvest must ferments slowly, so slowly that the roofs of the wineries are often covered in ice and snow by the time it ends. Fermentation stops by itself at around 12% of alcohol.

The wine Tokaj Oremus Late Harvest rests for another half year in small wood barrels in the underground wineries and then is aged for a further year in the bottle.

It is noted for its floral tones, mixed with mellow and citric hints. Fine and elegant nose and it is rich and persistent on the palate. The fine acidity and the sweet fruitiness create a perfect balance.

When he tasted it, Louis XIV proclaimed Tokaj "the wine of the king and the king of wines". The Tokaj legend has grown in its four-hundred years of history; but it was not until 1630 that the greatness of the Oremus vineyard was first spoken of. Today it is the one which receives greatest universal acclaim.

The Tokaj region, Tokaj-Hegyalja lies within Hungary´s north-eastern mountain range. The Tolcsva Village and the Oremus winery are located in the geographical heart of said region containing clay soils on weathered andesite and rhyolite tuff.

During harvest, bunches are picked several times a day but only those containing, at least 50%of botrytised grapes, are later pressed, giving the noble rot a leading role. Late Harvest is an interesting coupage of different grape varieties producing a well-balanced wine.

Fermentation takes place in new Hungarian oak barrels (136-litre "Gönc" and 220-litre "Szerednye") for 30 days and stops naturally when alcohol level reaches 12 %. The wine then ages in Hungarian oak for six months and is refined in bottle for a 15-month ageing period.

Tokaj Oremus Late Harvest is a harmonious, fresh, silky wine. It is versatile when drunk, providing a new array of possibilities in each sip.

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