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Vodka Absolut Raspberri

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The Vodka Absolut Raspberri of Åhus, Sweden, does exclusively from natural ingredients and, unlike what occurs with a lot of other vodkas of flavours, does not contain sugar added. It elaborates from water and wheat. The water comes from of a deep pozo of Åhus, protected against the impurities. The wheat of winter also harvests in Åhus, but is distinct to others: it seeds in autumn and recolecta in the following. In the meantime it goes growing under the Swedish snow developing a hard grain. Besides, the use of fertilizantes is minimum. The vodka distills by means of the process of continuous distillation, entered by Lars Olsson Smith in 1879. The wild raspberries abound in the Swedish hills, presented in 2004, 25 years after the apparition of Absolut Vodka.

Is rich and intense and offers the cool character and afrutado of the mature raspberries. Graduation: 40 % Vol.

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