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Vodka Bágoa Doce

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The Bagoa Twelve wineries are in Galicia, home of traditional liquors such as herbal liqueur or coffee liqueur. Hence the evident connection with this land has been from the outset one of the hallmarks of our products.

It is the use of a spirit of such high quality that, in addition to providing our spirits their characteristic brightness and light structure allows perfect maceration over several weeks both roasted coffee beans naturally as the various botanicals employees.

Also, although on a much smaller proportion, with significant variations are precisely the botanical ingredients used to give our vodka its subtle and elegant taste once occurred fermentation, distillation and subsequent filtering potato or grain chosen to preparing the base alcohol which is performed maceration.

We believe that vodka should be effectively vodka. And it is only tradition -the so impone- if from the fermentation and distillation of the right products.

Twelve Bagoa we like to follow the tradition and do things best. Therefore we can say loud that we produce liquor and vodka. And we are proud to boast of it.

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