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Whisky DYC Single Malt 10 years Collection Barrels

(Code: WEL000028)
Discontinued Product

Origin: Spain, bottled in the 2010

10 years of aging in barricas of Bourbon American.

Single Malt
Graduation: 40 % Vol.
Volume: 70 cl

The DYC Single Malt is a whisky of exclusive malt, elaborated 100% with one of the best barleys of the world, collected entirely in Spanish earths-Leonese and pertinent of harvests selected. This whisky is aged during almost a decade in eight scoops barricas of American oak, after a double distillation in alambiques of copper.

The Colección Barricas is an exclusive series of editions limited with distinct agings and finishings that provide an aroma, texture and only flavour. This bottle treats of the first edition of this series, rest pausado in a barrica of oak that previously has aged bourbon American, contributing all the intensity and authenticity of the best whisky DYC. 

This DYC Colección Barricas is a whisky single malt 1005, Spanish. It is matured during 10 years in barricas of bourbon American. 

Bottled in 2010.

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