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Whisky Glenmorangie Signet

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Glenmorangie Singet is a Highland Single Malt

As Dr Bill, Glenmoranige's Director of Whisky Creation, enjoyed a cup of his favourite Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, the notion of Signet first came to him.

Signet begins with the precious chocolate malt spirit, made just once a year in Glenmorangie's giraffe-high stills. Its espresso-like intensity fills our Distillery with aromas more familiar in an Italian coffee bar.

Over the years, they temper its power with rare and treasured casks. Bourbon for creaminess. Sherry for sweetness. The spice of virgin charred oak. All balanced by some of the oldest whisky we own.

The result? A velvet explosion of flavour. Bursts of bitter mocha, sizzling spice and waves of dark chocolate, mellowed by smooth butterscotch. Whisky, as you have never tasted it before.

How to Enjoy

The perfect serve: Enjoy neat, with a little water or 2-3 large rocks of ice
Service temperature: Room temperature
When to drink: Ready to drink
Storage advice: Store upright in a cool, dark, dry place
Closure: Cap with Cork

Heavily roasted barley gives this unique single malt its rich heart, while estate-grown Cadboll barley provides the creamy Glenmorangie style.

The final blend combines sweet whiskies extra-matured in ex-sherry casks, spicy and toasty whiskies from charred, new-oak barrels, and – providing Signet with its signature depth – whiskies from the oldest Glenmorangie stocks.

Tasting Notes of Glenmoranige Signet by Glenmorangie Distillery

Mocha re-imagined: Inspired by the simple pleasure found in a cup of coffee, comes The Signet’s spiralling explosion of flavour, with sizzling spices and bursts of bitter mocha mellowed by smooth butterscotch.

Colour: Deep amber in colour.
Nose: Coffee, ginger and cinnamon melt into dark chocolate and tiramisu, with dark toffee, crystallized orange peel and rich fruit cake.
Taste: A velvet explosion of crackling spices swirls around bitter mocha and dark chocolate, toasted hazelnuts and mellow butterscotch.
Finish: Mocha and spice combine with cappuccino and amaretto, before a finale of chocolate-coated raisins and orange.

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