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Whisky Hakushu 25 years

(Code: W0000933)
Discontinued Product
Hakushu 25 years old Japanese whiskey is one of the brands of Japanese single malt whisky of Suntory distillery, settled in the hills to the west of Tokyo. The water used for 25 year old Hakushu whiskey passes through the layers of granite in the Southern Alps of Mount Kaikomagatake. Over time, the crystalline waters that glide along Mount Kaikomagatake pierce the rock and accumulate until they separate in the rivers Ojira and Jingu. These rivers create an alluvial fan of white sand at the foot of the mountain, from which comes the name of Hakushu, which means "white sand bank".
Suntory's Hakushu 25 year old whisky is aged for 25 years and this old age makes it smoother and easier to drink. It has an amber red color, nose notes of ripe cakis, marmalade and chocolate. On the palate souvenirs to flan, caramel, fruity notes, a fabulous fresh taste.
Hakushu 25 years Japanese whiskey of Suntory was awarded a Silver Medal at the Malt Maniac Awards in 2009, and whiskey critic Jim Murray scored 93 points out.
Alcoholic graduation 43% Vol.
Capacity of the bottle 70 cl.

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