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Whisky Hibiki 30 years

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Discontinued Product
Hibiki  30 year old whisky is one of the brands of Japanese whisky, a blended premium of the Japanese distillery Suntory, made from a careful and elaborate malt, from the land surrounding the distillery.

Hibiki which name means "harmony" in Japanese, is a masterful combination of malt and grain whiskeys with carefully selected body and final filtration is done through bamboo charcoal. A whole whiskey, a blended luxury, is a worldwide reference among premium whiskeys, has accumulated a large number of awards and has recently been voted the Best Blended Whiskey in the World by the prestigious Whiskey Magazine. It obtain a lot of awards: 
  • 2004, 2006, 2007 y 2008 - ISC Trophy, 
  • 2007 y 2008 - WWA World Best Blended Whsky, 
  • 2007 - IWSC Gold.

In the aging of Hibiki Japanese whiskey 30 years old used umeshu barrels (used in the breeding of the Japanese plum liqueur) are used which give it a special bouquet of fruity aromas and a silky texture.

Hibiki 30 years old whisky is bronze, nose notes of raisins, cinnamon and almonds, sweet and pleasant in the mouth, with a slight taste of wood.

The Hibiki Suntory 30 Years Japanese Whiskey is presented in a low and wide cut bottle with a capacity of 70 centiliters. His alcoholic graduation is 43%.

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