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Whisky Macallan Ruby

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The whisky Macallan Ruby, one of the best of the collection of the Series of the Macallan 1824. The darkest tone Ruby has happened more time in the finest barricas of jerez. The colour has taken in shape natural, without colorantes artificial. Whisky of author. Launched to the market in May of the 2013. The innovative series 1824, in command Bob Dalgarno, present this range of Macallan, where forget of the conventionalism of the to age and centre in the colour, the flavour, the feelings... The wood is the one who gives him character to the whisky, mixes distinct years and barricas and achieves to create these fantastic and innovative Macallan. From Speyside, Scotland

In the nose notices the intensity of the nuts and some drops of molasses. His flavour is sweet, with ráfagas of ginger, walnut moscada and resin, that accompany to the presence of the orange and the grapes happen. The flavour to oak. Long end, reflexive, persistent. Graduation: 43 % vol. Capacity bottle: 70 cl.

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Customer reviews
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Not tried it yet but I'm sure it'll be amazing ..
Rohit J.
Shopping Satisfaction
I must admit I haven't had the guts to open one of the bottles to try this yet.
Scott V.