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Whisky Wild Turkey Bourbon 81

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Wild Turkey Whisky 81 is an American Bourbon whisky, made in American oak barrels Ozark Mountains by Master Distiller Eddie Russell.

For processing grain Wild Turkey whiskey sweet corn, rye and barley malt is used. During the distillation process pure water Kentucky limestone is mixed with grain for malting and mashing, after used, yeast is added for fermentation. The resulting mixture was subjected to redistillation. This distillate is poured into American oak barrels coated charcoal a unique flavor and a reddish color. These barrels are placed in warehouses with uncontrolled temperature and maintained for 6 to 8 years.

Wild Turkey whiskey has an amber color, an aroma of vanilla and caramel with notes of toasted oak, caramel flavor, vanilla and pear, with a long finish notes of rich spices and toasted notes.
The Wild Turkey Whiskey name is in honor of a bird of plumage. The bottle shape glass is the classic, the label has in the foot and neck the famous symbol Wild Turkey
Alcohol 40.5%
Capacity 70 cl.

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