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Wine of Monterrei

Rectoral del Monaguillo Mencía red wine
New red wine from Crego e Monaguillo, born from the rehabilitation project of a rectory in Verín.
12.25 €
(Sold in packs of 6)
Alanda white wine, Quinta da Muradella
Xosé Luis Mateos
17.90 €
(Sold in packs of 6)
Ladairo Godello, Monterrei
7.85 €
(Sold in packs of 6)
Ladairo Mencía, DO Monterrei
Galician young red wine. One of most consumed in Galicia
7.95 €
(Sold in packs of 6)
Triay Godello
9.50 €
(Sold in packs of 2)
Triay Mencía
9.50 €
(Sold in packs of 2)
Wine Crego e Monaguillo Dona Branca
Try the new white wine from Monterrey, first Crego e Monaguillo Dona Branca!!
8.50 €
(Sold in packs of 3)