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Iberian ham Beher Pata Negra

(Code: IBH00002)
440.00 €
Discontinued Product

Resulted of the selection of the best pieces that form a series limited and numbered as it add it.

A year more Beher obtains the prize to the best Iberian ham of the world in Iffa 2013

Better ham of the world, XVI edition of IFFA 2010, Frankfurt.

The ham of the champions. The Iberian Beher were present in the world-wide of South Africa, prepared by "Pinichi" the official cutter of the Selection Champion of the World.

Soft to the cut and reddish (cherry) in sight with infiltrations of fat, our pieces give off a "flavor" (characteristic aroma) that in mouth tends to the sweet and leaves like rest a aftertaste of soft rancidity, typical of his permanence in natural cellars. A pleasure in all the senses.

Piece obtained of the back extremities of the Iberian Pig, bred in Guijuelo, Salamanca, in montanera ( natural pastures of holm oak and cork oak) until achieving the 170 kg. With care cure of natural form between 30 to 36 months, giving as resulted a long piece and estylized (80-90 cm.) Of fine cane and an external fat of golden tones that denote his natural feeding with acorns.

Curing of 30 to 36 months.

Weigh of the piece approximated: 7 kilos.

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